3D conceptual visualization

dc-v1 collage1

I started these visualizations to create a 3D model of the Dream Community vision, which can then be used in multiple ways, such as a video to more clearly visually demonstrate the vision.

The pictures above are the result of many tests, working with the tools that I have, and to see how various domes and setups would work in real-life situations.

Created using the Unreal Tournament editor.

Dream Community vision 1 (raw)

(Copy of) dcv-1c2

Below you will find a description of the Dream Community vision that I received initially in 2009 and expanded into a different reality entirely.

At some point I sat down to write down many details about this vision which resulted in the document below, which is in the raw format, as I originally wrote it down before 2012.

I intend to recreate all parts of this in more accessible formats, as well as expand on them.